Fivefold Ministry Training

The Ministry ordains fivefold leaders according to Scripture (1 Corinthians 12:28; Ephesians 4:11). Leaders are held to the highest ethics and standard of Christ, trained thoroughly in the Word and gifts of the Spirit, and able to impart revelation knowledge, as well as provide home services to new congregants, and conduct speaking engagements upon request.

Noonday Prayer

Weekday service held during the noon hour where the Bishop and ministry leaders intercede prophetically before the throne of YHWH for the ministry, our members, local communities, our nation and elected officials, including the President of the United States of America, and the world at large.

Leadership Class

Weekly service held every Monday night after intercessory prayer where participants are engaged in an in depth exegesis of the Word, and taught sound leadership principles, ethics, interpersonal dynamics, and organizational skills.

Marriage Counseling

Offered by the Bishop on an individual/couple basis, which is rooted in Scripture and the applied social sciences literature.

Personal Counseling/Coaching

Offered by the Bishop and assigned members of the fivefold ministry on an individual basis, which is rooted in Scripture, the applied social sciences literature, medical sciences (when administered by a physician leader), and financial literacy (as requested).


Praise & Worship Team/Ensemble, which leads worship services during the Midweek Wednesday, Friday Shabbat and Sunday Morning services. In addition, Bet HaSHEM performs at community and cultural events, and guest church functions. Several artists within the group are working on solo projects, in addition to a pending group project.


YAHSpeak & Related Drama Ministries

Spoken word group originally formed after prison outreach in the local juvenile detention center, which has since expanded to a professional troupe, which performs inspirational pieces dealing with broad topics, as well as commissioned works for various audiences. Has spawned a junior team for children (Speak Up!) and a sister organization (TruthSayers). In addition, there are several individual poets and dramatic artists, which pen and perform original selections.


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Founded as part of the vision to win the youth and minister through creative dance. The group participates in ministry services, dance competitions and showcases, as well as guest performances at churches and community events.


My Body & Me

An interactive, holistic brand that aims to engage, equip, and encourage total health and well-being. Offered as a 12-session seminar and/or refresher courses for ministry participants, in addition to contract services for individuals and communities at large.

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World Changer Health & Fitness

Inspiring way to lose and manage weight, strengthen, tone and condition, and develop flexibility and self-discipline. Offers boxing instruction, running clubs and one-on-one fitness training.

EVG Street Team

Evangelizing teams led by fivefold leadership, which carry the Word into the "streets" of surrounding neighborhoods and communities to minister, pray, provide support, rally souls, and witness about the glory and goodness of YHWH and Christ Yahshua.

Outreach Ministries

Outreach includes EVG ministries stateside and abroad, assistance to members in need, as well as the underserved, home-based fellowships, hospital visitation, and robust public service, including education and community advocacy, awareness of health issues, and political engagement.

Arts Ministry (S.H.E.M.A.)

Skillful • Hallowed • Excellent • Masterful • Arts (S.H.E.M.A.)

S.H.E.M.A. is the acronym for our Arts Ministry, which includes the fine arts, graphic design, musicianship, songwriting, production, hip hop, spoken word, dramatic skits, and dance. The arts are used to propagate the vision, minister to saved and secular audiences, engage hearts and minds, win souls to Christ, portray excellence through creative expression, and cultivate a culture of understanding, appreciation and significance.


Chess Ministry

Both fellowship and ministry, chess is a favorite pastime for many of the members, including instruction for beginners, participation in local and in house tournaments, as part of prison outreach, and as a vehicle for personal development and individual asset building.

Service Times

Service Times