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Bishop Timothy L. Pernell Jr., a faith visionary and charismatic leader, presides as Senior Pastor and Founder of Bet HaShem YHWH Episkopos Worldwide Ministries Inc., headquartered in Bloomfield, New Jersey. Since the ministry's inception in 1996, the Bishop has spearheaded growth throughout the United States and globally with congregations in the Cape Town and Johannesburg regions of South Africa.

Lauded as a preeminent biblical scholar with keen understanding of scriptural truths, the Bishop wields a mastery of the Word that is unparalleled. He uniquely challenges fivefold leadership and the body of Christ to walk in the revelation knowledge of the Heavenly Father's name YHWH Elohim, and the Rhema name of Christ Yahshua. Bishop has traveled extensively on the international circuit, including the Caribbean, Israel and Africa on apostolic missions to teach the masses. Gifted in the Anointing, he speaks boldly yet prophetically, imparting wisdom and direction as he changes the world landscape, and trains leaders across the globe.

Before entering the ministry full-time Bishop Pernell attended the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) and ultimately earned a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Economics and Finance from Rutgers University. The Bishop's expertise and knowledge base include experience as a Systems Manager at prestigious firms such as Moody's Investment Services, Merck and AT&T Bell Labs. Additionally, he served dutifully as a member of the United States Army. Bishop Pernell's illustrious background has equipped him with special insights to tackle the complex ills plaguing society's underserved and disenfranchised communities. As an expert in the field of organizational management he is apt to optimize civic and Christian advancement on a global scale.

Bishop's excellence is not only personified in his profession and calling, but also in his love of family. His mate and soul companion, Pastor Pasha Pernell labors alongside him in the ministry and the faith. Together, they have four beautiful children, Timmi Chris Adoniyah, Jessica Ann Alison, Tatiana Inez and Chaiyah Elite Merlene - priceless, miraculous gifts from YHWH. Bishop's family is the fruit of his covenant relationship with Christ, especially since he was told he would be unable to have children, but in grand fashion YHWH Rapha, our healer, testified otherwise, and yet again sealed the supernatural blessing upon his life.

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