Our Story

"For who has despised the day of small things?" (Zecharyah 4:10)

In the beginning came the vision and a faithful servant charged to see it through. Thus began the seeds of the movement and ministry soon to be known as Bet HaSHEM YHWH Worldwide, Inc. Back in 1990 YHWH gave Bishop the vision for what would ultimately become the present day church, although formerly called the House of Bishops. Still, the young man who received the word from the Holy Spirit was not yet released to walk in it. Not until 1993 did he incorporate the House of Bishops after receiving a word from Apostle David Ireland of Christ Church. Though he was faithful to preach and teach over the radio airwaves in Richmond, Virginia, and to empty chairs in rented spaces, the word of YHWH Elohim endured and grace abounded. Then, at the age of 29 he began an intimate fellowship that would grow and manifest into the congregations and ministries in operation today. Since 1996 YHWH NISSI has truly promoted the Bishop, the fruit of his labor, and the souls, which he has pastored.

What started with a handful and faithful few, grew steadily. From an apartment, to a home, to a warehouse that he would renovate, to the world and beyond, Bet HaSHEM YHWH stood as that house after the name of YAH, called peculiar and excellent with a mission to change the world, provoke souls unto greatness, and raise up the lost and younger generations to Christ Yahoshua.

Planted first in an apartment in Newark, then a house in East Orange, and back to a warehouse in North Newark, the House of Bishops was affectionately known as "222" abbreviated from its street address in the city. Bishop left a successful corporate career to enter the ministry full-time. He poured all of his dedication, finances and anointing into the new location and the kingdom reaped in converts. A ministry called to the streets, the Bishop launched evangelical (EVG) teams throughout urban Essex County where food and clothing donations were provided, as well as prayer, community supports, and street witnessing, which resulted in souls saved and families renewed. From there he launched into Israel on two successful missions to Jerusalem and the West Bank in 1999 and 2000. There he prayed at the Wailing Wall, climbed the Mount of Olives, the Mount of Temptation, visited Hebron, stood at the banks of the Dead Sea, and dialogued with Israelis and Palestinians. While there Bishop held services in the city of Taybeh, and ministered the redemptive truth of Christ Yahshua. Totally immersed in the people and the cultures, he witnessed and survived the Intifada.

Next, led only with a "word" same as when he had voyaged to the Middle East, he traveled to South Africa from 2001 to 2003. Again knowing no one prior to his arrival, he walked where the Spirit commanded and from one ordained encounter to the next, he sojourned throughout the Gauteng Province (in Melville, Kyalami, Soweto, Johannesburg, Roodepoort and Davidsonville), KwaZulu-Natal and beyond to Pretoria, Cape Town, and several neighboring African nations (including Botswana, Senegal and the island nation of Seychelles). It was in Roodepoort, however, that he built the largest assembly in excess of 500 souls in approximately 6 months time. Indeed the Heavenly Father moved—covering the globe in His name, His Word and His mandate!

While he built in Israel and South Africa, the ministry advanced into North Carolina under the leadership of Apostle Chris Pernell, who planted a congregation while attaining her medical degree. In addition, he has sent a dozen ordained ministers and leaders from Bet HaSHEM YHWH to our satellite congregations in South Africa, as well as received African saints here at home. Upon returning from the Continent, Bishop spearheaded growth in the ministry stateside, watering souls in the South (in the Virginia and North Carolina regions), and soon moved the assembly's headquarters to Bloomfield, New Jersey with outreach in the Greater Newark, New Jersey area. Also, he continued travels throughout the US and Caribbean. Daily, history continues to be made as the Bishop waits on a "word" to be dispatched again.