Our Roots

Bishop Pernell's ordination and covering in the fivefold ministry can be traced back to the origins of the Pentecostal Movement at the historic Asuza Street Revival in Los Angeles, California from 1906 to 1915. Led by Reverend William J. Seymour, also known as Daddy Seymour, Asuza Street is credited with the birth of Pentecostalism where vibrant and dynamic moves of the Holy Spirit were witnessed, including speaking in tongues, diverse miracles and charismatic worship services. The Revival, which was documented by the press, was also noted for its interracial audience, and women in leadership roles.

Brother Henry Prentiss would receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit at Asuza Street, and go on to evangelize Indianapolis, Indiana where then Brother G.T. Haywood was saved under his ministry. Bishop Haywood of Pentecostal Assemblies of the World would ultimately ordain Bishop R. C. Lawson of the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith (COOLJC) Inc., in New York City who would train up the late Bishop John W. Pernell, D.D., who went on to pastor Refuge Temple Assembly of Yahweh in Richmond, Virginia. A preeminent biblical scholar and overseer of countless ministers and churches, as well as Apostle on the five member apostolic board for the COOJLC organization, Bishop John W. Pernell labored in the ministry, increasing the kingdom in souls and truth until his passing in 1971. His grandson, Bishop T.L. Pernell's ministry is evidence of the promise that YHWH gave unto the late Apostle Pernell.

Saved at the young age of nine in the ministry of the late Pastor Herb Green of Newark Gospel Tabernacle in Newark, New Jersey, Bishop Pernell dedicated much of his youth and adolescence to Christian service. He went on to labor at Faith Christian Fellowship under Pastor David Demola, Living Praise Church under Reverend Ted Alleman, Love of Jesus Family Church under Pastor Jason Alvarez, and Wells Cathedral Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) under Bishop Chandler D. Owens.

In 1990 Bishop entered the ministry of Pastor Charles Washington and incorporated Works Ministries in Montclair, New Jersey. Serving as a Pastor, he trained ministry leaders and instructed a weekly leadership class. While there he received a vision from YHWH concerning the House of Bishops but continued to labor until the Holy Spirit moved him forward. In 1993 he felt led to attend the ministry of Apostle David Ireland of Christ Church. There, he received the life-changing prophecy and confirming word that he would lead and build a new movement in the Body of Christ and advance the kingdom in profound and revolutionary ways. Soon after receiving the word, he incorporated the House of Bishops. Faithfully, Bishop watered the word and ministered via the radio in Richmond, Virginia. At the appointed time, some three years later his ministry manifested in fullness and might.

Bishop John W. Pernell, D.D.
Bishop John W. Pernell, D.D.