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Pastor Pasha Pernell

Pastor Pasha Pernell was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey in a single-parent household. Growing up was difficult but faith proved to be the only door to her happiness. Even in the midst of a strained homelife, hope provided an altar where she'd meet her Heavenly Father, YHWH. As a child she recalls singing and participating in ministry and street witnessing events, though her faith waned as an adolescent and young adult. Growing lukewarm and discontent, she ran from church. Despite being reared in tradition, it wasn't until the age of twenty-four that she truly commited her soul and destiny to Christ.

Pastor Pasha Pernell

In 1998, she visited the ministry, which was then located in North Newark. That fateful day set in motion an ordained chain of events. One mere day before visiting the House, she'd been in a heated discussion with her mother; learning that the Messiah's true name was not Jesus, she felt cheated and misled. Her thoughts and understanding of her faith were seemingly rocked to the core. Visiting the ministry and hearing that truth confirmed, she felt the Ruach (the Holy Spirit) provoking her to a deeper walk and blessing. Not only did she encounter a peculiar anointing, but she felt a special bond with the Bishop almost immediately. Two years prior, she received a prophetic word that she would marry a bishop though at the time she was in a backslidden state. Quietly, that word stirred in her spirit-not yet the woman she needed to be to receive such covenant relationship. More importantly, she fell in love with her Messiah and Savior and truly gave her heart to Him.

Proving herself faithful, Pastor Pasha was ordained in the fivefold ministry, joined the Praise & Worship team, and evangelized on the streets for six years before marrying and entering into sacred union with her best friend and husband, Bishop Pernell. After having said "I do" to Christ she was ready to be that help meet to her ordained mate. Together, they have labored faithfully in YHWH's vineyard. A lover of crowns or hats as some would say, she wears reverently the crown of wife, mother and true believer. Through their union was born four beautiful daughters: Timmi Chris, Jessica Ann, Tatiana Inez and ChaiYah Elite Merlene, whom they love and adore. As each of their daughters have greatly enriched their lives, they continue to believe YHWH for their promised sons and the mighty works their children shall render in the earth.

The Pastor

Pastor Pasha Pernell serves under the leadership of her husband Bishop, who is Senior Pastor and Founder of Bet HaShem YHWH Worldwide Ministries. She strives to encourage the greatness within each heart including her own. It is her passion and pleasure to uplift souls and help them achieve life success. Her labor is one of love.

The Writer

Pastor Pasha has always loved to write. From the time she learned the art of storytelling, she immersed herself in the craft. As an author of short stories, songs, poetry, and rap, she draws upon intimate experiences to captivate the audience in compelling and memorable ways. Whether playful or functional her prose is refreshingly authentic and engages the young and old alike. Her hope is to add colorful, spirited works to the literary landscape and endear readers the world over. Pasha recently authored her first children's book, "Bad Dreams Are Not Allowed," which is currently available on and Barnes & Noble (

She has spent the past year sharing her book with educators, schoolchildren and families across Essex County in daycare centers, public schools and book fairs. She participates frequently as a guest author and speaker where autographed copies are available to bless and inspire all comers.

The World Changer

In 1997, Pastor Pasha lost her father to AIDS. His untimely death left a void in her life and a scar on her soul, which she's grappled with for years. For healing, she took to the pen and pulled out her very first spoken word piece, "Daddy's Little Girl." This autobiographical tribute details the trials she endured, including learning of her father's illness to his casket being lowered into the ground. Still, YHWH brought her through. A compelling spoken word artist, she soon joined YAHSpeak, a dynamic spoken word troupe headed by Dr. Chris T. Pernell, none other than "The Good Doctor," who taught her never to fear the next level in her gift.

Whether on stage singing with the Praise & Worship team, spitting inspirational prose or dancing in the aisles, she understands that YHWH deserves her total praise.

Pastor Pasha's goal is to change the world, winning all who have an ear to hear. Her motto is,"You can always overcome who you once were by believing in who YHWH called you to be."

Pastor Pasha Pernell
Pastor Pasha Pernell
Pastor Pasha Pernell